What makes our sauce special?

The Freeman’s BBQ Sauce Co., LLC Old Mr. Henry recipe is a Freeman family tradition that started over 40 years ago with our father Willie Freeman.  Our Old Mr. Henry Original BBQ Sauce was developed over the years with the secret family recipe.


Our Old Mr. Henry BBQ Original BBQ Sauce is proudly made and bottled locally in Denmark, SC, located in Bamberg County. Made with all natural ingredients, Old Mr. Henry BBQ Original BBQ Sauce is cholesterol free and contains half the sugar of leading brands, earning the destinction of an SC Certified Product.

Take a look at what our customers have to say!

“When I saw this sauce at the grocery store, I thought, why not try something new? It didn’t disappoint!”

-M. Johnson

“Since the very first taste, this sauce has been a hit with me.”

J. Hillord

“This is healthy? That’s like having your cake and eating it too.”

-Abrianna W.

“The Thanksgiving turkey just got a little more exciting”

-Naneka S.

“I think I have a new favorite BBQ sauce.”

-Darius M.

“Everybody’s been asking for the secret to my barbecue. Well here it is.”

-T. Jennings

“To sum it up, this sauce is simply amazing.”

-R. Brown

“Some sauces have too much of this or not enough of that.  This one is just right.”

-Patrick H.